Wednesday, December 30, 2009

DK Caston

I've been thinking about methods to cast on for double knitting, and also have looked at cast on methods for double knitting on the internet.

One method I tried was to longtail cast on twice the stitches of the pattern, and then introduce the second color on the first row. I did this method on my pink scarf:

Another method I tried was to longtail cast on with both yarns, treating them as one, and then picking them apart for the doubleknit portion. This example has 2 rows of garter stitch with both yarns treated as one before I picked them apart:

The next method is difficult to explain. I made a slip knot in each yarn, then used the longtail cast on. I put both slip knots on the needle. I cast on one stitch with color 1. I pulled color 2 between the two yarns of color 1 and cast on one stitch. I pulled color 1 around the outside of color 2 and cast on one stitch. Repeated this until I had the required number of stitches on the needle. It was a real pain to do. I wish I had taken a photo of this immediately after cast on, but I didn't. Here is what the cast on looked like after it was knit up.

edit 1/17/2010
I found a really sweet caston by Oftroy on YouTube. Oftroy can be found on Ravelry and has a blog called Golden Apples as well as a flickr account.

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