Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Offering Mitts 2

Not sure what happened here, I admit I didn't do exactly what the pattern said. The originals are knit in fingering weight wool, I am using fingering weight alpaca. The pattern calls for size 0 needles (!), I am using size 2 because lady gloves are always far too small to fit my hands.

1) The point should line up with my middle finger. It doesn't.
2) The cuff doesn't cover the matching undercuff. The turning row wants to roll down to my hand which means the cuff is about 2 rows too short.

I am using a friend to model the glove so I can take the picture. Her hands are not as large as mine. The glove does the same thing on my hand that it does on hers.

3) Because the pattern calls for the thumb to come out of the palm instead of out of the side of the hand, the front rolls over to the back to allow the thumb to be in a natural position.

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