Saturday, February 13, 2010

Offering Mitts

I subscribed to Piecework Magazine thinking it was a knitting magazine. Well, it kind of is, it includes knitting along with other fiber crafts. Anyway, I got my first issue, January/February 2010. There is a pattern called 'Offering Mitts' that I have started to knit. Here is the picture of what they should look like when they are finished:

EXCEPTION TO CC-ZERO!!! This picture was scanned out of the magazine and is probably copyrighted.

Here is what I have done so far:

The originals are knit in wool, I am using alpaca. The pattern calls for size 0 needles (!), I am using size 2 because lady gloves are always far too small to fit my hands.

Edit 2/17/2010:

One mitt complete! I added the loop at the tip per recommendation on Ravelry.

This one shows the cuff construction. I feel the cuff should have been a bit longer, since it shows the underpart when turned up (just a little). I may go back later and add a crocheted border to the cuffs to correct this. Also, even though I used needles 2 sizes larger than the pattern calls for, these still seem slightly tight at the base of the thumb. I won't be making any more of these since they seem to be not practical, but if I did make any more I would find a way to make that area roomier.

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